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Industrial Equipment Maintenance and Level 2 Electrical

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Our Mission

As licensed electrical professionals, we understand lost opportunity from system down time.

Our mission is to efficiently and effectively restore, maintain and upgrade industrial and commercial electrical systems safely and within budget.

Our Solutions

Factories, manufacturing plants and warehouses require specialist electrical experience, capable of working in an industrial environment and maintaining safety standards. We have a solution to your commercial and industrial electrical requirements. We won’t compromise on safety or security, and guarantee a superior quality of work.

Talk to us about electrical maintenance plans for your equipment, lighting and automation equipment.  

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Pace Electrical recently had to replace and reprogram the (PLC) Logic Controller for a palletiser for oranges. The PLC suffered memory loss due to a flat battery and power loss. We were able to replace the PLC and output modules, reprogram and commissioned the machine. We highly recommend scheduled preventative maintenance for your industrial machines. Investing in repairs, testing and maintaining electrical equipment can prevent lost time on a production line which results in a direct loss of business.

Industrial electricians  are capable of working in factories, plants and machine shops. We at Pace Electrical Pty Ltd look forward to the opportunity of helping you to keep your systems running.

We can assist with

  • Installing new electrical systems
  • Troubleshooting electrical equipment
  • Repairing and maintaining equipment

We are highly skilled, flexible and adaptive to handle high voltage systems and other vital electrical components in factory equipment.

If you would like to discuss industrial electrical requirements in your factory. We are available for projects, maintenance, trouble shooting, and system programming including but not limited to, automation systems, high-speed production lines, palletising system and process control systems.

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